BERGEN COUNTY - A woman who says she was trampled during the Garden State Plaza Mall shooting is suing the mall and the shooter's family.

Alexandra DiMarco's attorney says she fractured her arm, and that her injuries could have been prevented if the mall and its security company did their jobs.

Richard Shoop opened fire inside the crowded Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus just after 9 p.m. on Nov. 4. He fired shots into the air, and later turned the gun on himself.

DiMarco was coming out of the H&M store at the Garden State Plaza Mall when she heard the gunshots. People then began running toward her. That's when her attorney Rosemarie Arnold says she was trampled.

"My client, who is 21 years old and very tiny, got swept away in the exodus and fell down, fractured her arm very badly," Arnold says. Her client says she was trampled by the crowd as they were running.

The suit blames the mall's owner, Westfield Group, and its security company, for not doing enough to stop the shooter. It also names Shoop's brother, who owned the gun, for not securing it properly.

"His brother claims the firearm was locked," Arnold says. "However, it was not locked well enough to prevent the shooter from obtaining it."

Neither Westfield nor the security company would comment on the lawsuit.

This is the first lawsuit that has been filed since the mall shooting. DiMarco is seeking unspecified damages for medical bills as well as emotional and physical pain.