TRENTON - Garden State residents have very mixed reactions to Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) being on the road the last few weeks to help Republican candidates campaign.

The new rail tunnel to Manhattan is on hold due to billions of dollars in possible cost overruns and the transportation trust fund is broke. Democrats are also holding hearings about the state's "Race to the Top" error that cost New Jersey millions for education.

With all of those issues, some residents say they are fed up with the fact that Christie has been spending time in states such as California and Ohio.

Others, however, don't seem to mind the trips and say he's still doing a good job.

A Rutgers poll from last week found that more than half of New Jersey residents surveyed think the governor is traveling too much. However, it seems that those who think Christie is doing an excellent job as governor have no problem with his campaigning. Residents who think he is doing a poor job say he should be staying in the state instead of others.