PLAINFIELD - A sexual assault victim and her mother are calling for tougher sex offender laws in order to protect children.

Stephanie Ware says her now 18-year-old daughter was a victim at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Alejandro Rosario, when she was just 13. Ware recently discovered that since getting out on parole, Rosario was living just blocks away from her family.

Ware's daughter is afraid the state's sex offender laws aren't tough enough. They say Rosario was convicted and served five years in prison, but then they saw on the state's sex offender registry that he not only lived close to them, but had also moved into a neighborhood full of schools and a day care center.

State law requires certain sex offenders to register online and for police to notify neighbors.

The mother asked that we not show her or her daughter's faces in order to protect them.