BAYONNE - A family is out of its home and its neighbor is being accused of not giving repair crews access to the sewer line, making the situation worse.

Sewage seeped into Prudence Kelly's basement on Sunday night after a problem with the sewer line. Now at least a foot of sewage sits in the basement.

Prudence Kelly, her husband and 5-year-old son have moved out of the house. As bad as the sewage is, she says the problem was made worse when a neighbor wouldn't let the municipal utilities authority onto their property to get at an opening to the sewer line.

The Costellos were threatened with legal action by the utilities authority when they finally did let them in, on Tuesday. The utilities authority tells News 12 New Jersey it discovered a patio and deck had been built without a permit on top of the manhole cover. The utilities authority is outraged at the slow access.

The Municipal Utilities Authority is still digging in the Kellys' backyard trying to figure out where the problem started.