JERSEY CITY - Police say several people were hurt when a Hudson River ferry boat crashed into a pier as it was trying to dock Friday.

The crash involving a ferry called the "York" was reported at approximately 4:30 p.m. near Hudson Street and in front of the Goldman Sachs tower. The ferry is owned by Goldman but was captained by an employee of New York Waterways.

Officials say it slammed into the Owen Grundy pier on the Jersey City waterfront before being brought to the Paulus Hook pier for investigation.

Twenty-four passengers were on board, along with three crew members. A witness told News 12 that the boat may have been coming in too fast, but officials would not speculate on what caused the crash.

The extent of the injuries is unknown, but they are believed to be minor. Officials say five passengers and two crew members were taken to Jersey City Medical Center.

Authorities say there is visible damage to the vessel.

Officials say Paulus Hook is the regular docking location and that ferries normally do not go to Owen Grundy. Even though a section of the Paulus Hook pier was closed, New York Waterways ferries continued to run Friday.

The Coast Guard and the NYPD Harbor Unit helped with the investigation.

Jersey City officials say the boat will remain at the end of the Paulus Hook terminal until it is released by the Coast Guard.