NEWARK - Officials at a Newark day care held a special meeting for parents after one of the children found a loose syringe on the playground and started to poke other children with it.

Donald Tucker Centre Executive Director Kiburi Tucker says that one of the children found the syringe on the playground and poked at least two other children with it. Tucker says the incident happened last Thursday.

Newark police were notified about the incident and the children received medical treatment and testing.

The meeting held Tuesday was so parents could find out more information about what happened.

Donald Tucker Centre is located on Elizabeth Avenue, a major road in the city. Officials say that there is a lot of vehicle and foot traffic, so it is very easy for someone to have dropped the syringe near the playground.

Many parents at the meeting defended the school’s actions.

“I think it was a mistake, it wasn't found on the school, and you really can't hold kids accountable for you know being kids,” says Crystal Dowdell. “This is a great school. I like this school.”

The children poked with the syringe are expected to be OK.

This isn’t the first time the school has been in the headlines. 

In 2012 a teacher discovered that an 8-month old found a mouse inside the day care, and put the mouse in her mouth. The school was closed down for a time by health officials. That 8-month-old was not harmed.