MONTCLAIR - The family of a Montclair High School football player has reached a settlement with the school in connection with his death.

Beth Baldinger, an attorney for Ryne Dougherty's family, says the $2.8 million settlement was reached with the high school and the Montclair Board of Education.

Dougherty died after suffering a brain hemorrhage in an October 2008 game after the family says he was prematurely returned to action following an earlier concussion, according to Baldinger.

"Ryne Dougherty should have never been on the field," Baldinger says. "He had been suffering from his second concussion. They missed his failed scores on an impact test."

Baldinger says the Dougherty family hopes their son's case will continue to bring attention to the importance of properly managing concussions. "Traumatic brain injury associations have really worked to bring concussion assessment training programs to the schools so we have seen an increased awareness but its still not at the level we'd like to see it at," Baldinger says.