LEONIA - Leonia police are on the lookout for a group of people who have been egging local homes.

One homeowner set up a surveillance camera after some of the eggings, and was able to catch the act on camera.

Roberto Ruiz’s camera caught a glimpse of the egg vandals outside his home on Oct. 16. Ruiz says that it looked like they were trying to hit his camera with the eggs.

“It’s very hard to clean, very annoying,” says Ruiz. “It’s very disrespectful. This is a great town and it shouldn’t be happening here.”

Ruiz is hoping the eggings don’t increase as Halloween approaches. 

Leonia police have put the video up on their Facebook Page hoping to catch the eggers.  They say it is not a prank, but a crime.

Leonia police say that seven homes have been hit on Ruiz’s street alone. A spokesperson for the department says that the town is not issuing any curfew for children right now.

Anyone who may know who the vandals should contact Leonia police at 201-944-0800.