EDISON - Senator Cory Booker formally announced the start of his re-election campaign Wednesday.

Booker attended three different public events in the north, central and southern parts of New Jersey.

At his event in Perth Amboy, Sen. Booker laid out a list of accomplishments during his brief, first stint in office, and outlined his platform for improving the U.S. economy.

Booker also saved plenty of time to criticize his Republican opponent, Jeff Bell.

Trying to paint him as a movement conservative, disinterested in finding compromise, Booker brought up a book Bell had published in 2012 called "The Case for Polarized Politics: Why America Needs Social Conservatism."

He also mocked Bell's dedication to the gold standard for U.S. currency and his recent return to New Jersey after living for decades in Virginia.

"Whatever party you're in, it's about moving our economy, creating more jobs," Booker says. "Not somebody that has defunct economic ideals that's spent the last 30 years of his life lobbying down in Washington. We need somebody that's a New Jersey guy." 

In a statement Jeff Bell's campaign said, "Cory Booker has spent his brief time in Washington focused on making friends with the people in power who are failing us. This isn't what New Jersey needs. We need a senator who will fight with a big idea for economic recovery. That's why I'm running on a platform of ending the Federal Reserve's interference in the economy and returning to the gold standard." 

Voters will make their choice on Nov. 4.