TRENTON - New Jersey state Sen. Loretta Weinberg introduced legislation that would require New Jersey gun shops to offer at least one “smart gun” model when they become available.

The new bill would repeal a previous one introduced by Weinberg over a decade ago that would have required gun shops to sell only smart guns within three years after the technology became available.

A smart gun is one that only fires for a specific person for whom it is registered. They can use fingerprints, a special ring or even a watch to connect with the gun.

Although the technology exists, it is not yet available for purchase. Sen. Weinberg and her colleagues feel that the gun industry has pressured sellers to keep smart guns off shelves because of the previous New Jersey law.

Sen. Weinberg hopes her new bill will change that.

“What gun owner wouldn’t want a gun that only they could shoot?” she asks. “A gun that if somehow got into the hands of a child, it would be rendered inoperable.”

Brian Sisz, owner of the Sportsman’s Center in Bordentown, says that he is a little leery of the technology and doesn’t want to be forced to sell smart guns.

“I would not consider selling one until I knew 100 percent it would work 100 percent of the time, and that it was economical,” he says.

Legislators hope to have Sen. Weinberg’s bill passed before the end of the year.