BAYONNE - A Florida senator wants answers after a cruise ship that left from Bayonne sailed into a dangerous storm. 

Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas was headed to Port Canaveral, Florida. A powerful storm damaged the ship and caused injury to at least four passengers. The ship was forced to abort its voyage.

Passengers posted pictures and video on social media that showed tables and chairs tossed about. Other pictures and videos showed 30-foot waves and very strong winds.

Sen. Bill Nelson wants the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate why the ship tried to travel during the storm.

"I'm sure there was a courageous crew on board, but the question is, like the El Faro last year when we asked the same questions, why did [the ship] sail into the storm?” he asks.

El Faro was a cargo vessel that traveled between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico last year and sailed right into a hurricane off the Bahamas. Thirty-three people were killed when it sank.

Anthem of the Seas is expected to return to Bayonne Wednesday evening.