JERSEY CITY - In the wake of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security's broad national warning about heightened concern over terror attacks this Fourth of July weekend, law enforcement agencies in New Jersey are beefing up security.

One of the locations in New Jersey with extra security will be Liberty State Park for the big fireworks celebration scheduled for Saturday. Extra officers will be on hand on land, air and sea.

"We're always very serious about these things because we know this is a target. Biggest target in the world," says New Jersey State Police Sgt. Jorge Puhlovsky, referring to the Statue of Liberty and surrounding area.

State police officials say boaters who wish to view the fireworks out on the Hudson River should make sure their boating registration is up to date and to say out of restricted zones.

Security measures in place include radiation detection, checks on luscious boats and vehicles and social media monitoring between ISIS and ISIS sympathizers.

New Jersey State Police Sgt. James Caprio will be in Liberty State Park this weekend, along with his tech-heavy Suburban, which can detect even trace amounts of radiation. Enhanced technology coupled with street smarts will work to keep the public protected.

The FBI has not issued any specific threat of attack in the area, but ISIS has been calling for attacks during Ramadan which lasts until July 17. This also comes in the wake of several terror related arrests in New Jersey.

Thousands of people are expected to attend Saturday's fireworks display at Liberty State Park.