PATERSON - Paterson police need the public’s help to catch three men who robbed a cellphone store back on Dec. 19.

Security cameras show three men walked into the Boost Mobile store on Market Street and pointed a gun at one of the clerk’s head.

With a gun to his head, the clerk said there was no money in that particular register. Within seconds, the robbers left with a parting farewell, even saying have a good day.

One of the two clerks, Abdul Malek, had just started working there only a few days earlier.

"I thought it was a regular person and a customer. We thought they were joking with us," says Malek.

According to police, the robbers stole nearly $600.

"I thought it was a toy, didn't want to take a chance staring at the gun and see if it was real but you can't take a chance on a gun that looks like it's real," says Malek.

Detectives working on the case say the security videos inside the Boost Mobile are some of the best they've ever seen. The robbers’ images were captured by no less than five security cameras.

A reward of up to $500 is offered for any information leading to the arrest of the suspects.