SEASIDE PARK - Business owners scrambled to save what they could as flames crept up the Seaside Park boardwalk Thursday.

Big John Sundermann, owner of Big Hearted John's Beach Shop grabbed a computer and ran out of his store, and then watched helplessly. His building was the last to be affected by the fire.

Sundermann says he had just reopened his store on July 3 after it was devastated by Sandy. He says his personal losses were much worse from the storm. "Just because it was everything, it was your home, it was people evacuated."

But, Seaside Park Administrator Bob Martucci says, he does not doubt his community will bounce back again. "Sandy gave us the experience to know what to do on this now."

Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers thanked not just firefighters but the construction crew that ripped the boardwalk apart in order to help stop the fire from spreading further. "What they did saved the entire boardwalk," he says.

Officials have not said what they believe started the fire.