SEASIDE PARK - Seaside Park officials acknowledged that the boardwalk wasn't ready for Memorial Day, but they promised it would be rebuilt in time for the July Fourth holiday. 

A front-end loader was still picking up wooden boards and setting them in place as crews fought off the heat and nailed them on top of pilings Tuesday.

Porter Avenue, the dividing line between Seaside Heights and Seaside Park, will be where the last board will be placed connecting the two communities as early as Thursday, officials say. 

"From the progress I've seen over the past couple of days," says Bridget Crudo, of Seaside Park. "I say, yeah it can be done and it should've been done last year."

It has been ten months since an electrical fire destroyed the boardwalk, taking with it nearly every business except for The Sawmill, which reopened two weeks ago.

They are counting on the boardwalk to be finished by July 4 so they can grab some much-needed foot traffic. "We are the beginning of the boardwalk in the south side, so we need those people to come this way," says Liz Brown.

The town says the delay in getting the work done was because business owners couldn't decide how to move forward. There are currently no permanent shops, only temporary ones. 

As long as there is daylight, the men working on the boardwalk say they'll be there to make their deadline.