SEASIDE PARK - Saturday marked two years since the Seaside Park boardwalk caught fire and destroyed three blocks of amusements and shops.

For lifelong resident Jodina Errichetti, recalling the fire, which was sparked by faulty wiring, is difficult. She says she wants the amusements to return.

"Seaside is a carny town and I miss it. And it's not the same," Errichetti told News 12. "It took my childhood."

Much of the property along the beach is owned by Funtown Pier, which has not added much attractions to the area since the fire.

There has been talk with the Borough Council about adding new rides and building a new pier. Ownership has put off those projects until the Army Corps of Engineers replenishes the beach as originally planned after Superstorm Sandy.

Mayor Robert Matthies told News 12 that he and fellow councilmembers are just waiting on decisions from the property owners and are cooperating to resurrect the boardwalk.