NEW BRUNSWICK - Investigators in Middlesex County are continuing their search Saturday for the remains of a baby boy.

The parents of the infant, of New Brunswick, have been charged for allegedly improperly disposing of the remains of their son.

Jaciel Torres-Lopez, 34, and Mercedes Sanchez-Torres, 30, were charged with desecration of human remains, as well as hindering an investigation into the death of the child.

Mercedes Sanchez-Torres was admitted to St. Peter’s University Hospital earlier this week after giving birth. However, police were called when the baby’s whereabouts were not known.

On Tuesday, May 17, police began searching the sewer line of the couple’s home on Remsen Avenue in New Brunswick. The next day investigators began searching the Middlesex County Landfill in East Brunswick.

Neighbors say that they are shocked by the news.

"There's other way out of this situation," says Jamie Reyes. "They could leave [the baby] to a family member, if this is true."

As of Friday evening, authorities did not found the child’s remains.

Bail for both Torres-Lopez and Sanchez-Torres was set at $100,000.