SEA GIRT - Police in Sea Girt want to warn potential summer home renters about a series of scams which several unsuspecting renters have already fallen victim to.

Sea Girt Police Detective John Demillio says the victims answered ads on Craigslist offering summer home rentals. However, it turns out the homes were never for rent.

"When they show up to check in at the arranged check in date, they find out the house was never for rent and they wind up surprising the owners," Det. Demillio says.

So far there have been three reported cases. The victims came from Virginia, Massachusetts and Queens, New York.

In all of them, the victims communicated over email with the supposed owners of the home and even wired money. In all, the victims were out $3,700.

"It's confusing for the homeowner and it's confusing for the victim and most of the victims have come quite a distance," says Det. Demillio.

One of the victims even came to a home that was under construction and uninhabitable.

Det. Demillio says people should be aware of these types of scams while searching for places to rent. He says that any requires for wire transfers should be met with suspicion. He also says the ads often have poor grammar, spelling errors and no customer reviews.

Police also say it's best to use a realtor when looking for a place to rent for the summer