SCOTCH PLAINS - A Scotch Plains couple who lost their only child to a cold-blooded killer in the U.S. Virgin Islands says the investigation is going nowhere, and now they're asking the FBI to step in.

Jim and Rosemary Malfetti were shocked by their son's violent death and angry at how they have been treated by local authorities.

The couple fears the investigation is being mishandled and Jimmy Malfetti's killer, or killers, will never be brought to justice.

"It's been three weeks, two days and thus far, there's been no news - on anything," says Rosemary Malfetti.

The 41-year-old tech consultant and data archivist was renting the guest house on a beautiful estate overlooking the Caribbean waters that surround the tropical island of St. John.  

From what the Malfettis have been told, the main house was burglarized early in the morning on Saturday, Jan. 18.  The next day Jimmy Malfetti's landlord discovered the guest house had also been hit, and found the young man's body in his bed, with stab wounds to his neck.

"The police should have gone and investigated that property," says Jim Malfetti. "It's 35 feet from the main home and you walk right by it."

For the grieving couple, it was one of many signs that proper investigation procedures were not being followed, and now they are turning to Sen. Robert Menendez for help.

Menendez wrote the head of the FBI, asking the agency to "provide assistance" in the investigation of Jimmy Malfetti's murder, calling the response of local police "completely unacceptable."

The Malfettis say they need the FBI's help to solve their son's murder and prevent anyone else from going through what they did.

An FBI spokesman says they are aware of the matter and will respond to the senator's letter. 

The lead investigator in St. John has declined to comment on the case.