MANALAPAN - As prom season approaches, a war of sorts is brewing between school dress codes and the biggest fashion trends of the year.

The districts are warning students that if they show too much skin at prom, they will either have to cover up at the door or be sent home.

However, some of the biggest fashion trends this year include plunging necklines, bare mid-drifts and dresses with cutouts in them.

Red Bank Regional student Tess Smith says she is getting one of these cutout dresses, and doesn’t expect any problems.

"I've seen a lot of the girls and there's much bigger cutouts and nobody seems to have a problem with it,” she says.

However, not all the girls feel the need to show off a lot of skin. Angelica Salvador from Howell High says she is opting for a more conservative gown.

She says, "I don't think you should be showing off like you're clubbing or something."

A spokesperson for Freehold Regional tells News 12 New Jersey that students who are not dressed respectfully will be sent home at the discretion of high school principals. She says jeans and sneakers will also not be permitted.

Some schools in Pennsylvania and Delaware require that prom dresses be pre-approved by district officials before they can be worn.