LAKE COMO - A school van driver in Monmouth County was fired for texting and driving.

A 16-year-old student at the Academy Charter High School recorded a video of the female driver. It shows her driving on the parkway with her left hand on the steering wheel and her phone in her right hand.

The student's mother posted the video on YouTube with the heading "Help this woman is driving our kids around."

The school saw the video and notified DAG Transport in Lakewood, which fired the driver. School director Mary Jo McKinley says Academy Charter doesn't contract for transportation, leaving it up to each student's individual district.

McKinley also issued a statement saying, "Thankfully no one was injured and the driver will no longer have the opportunity to put the safety of other students in jeopardy."

News 12 has reached out to DAG Transport, which has not responded. The driver has not been identified.