LAKEWOOD - The drivers of a school bus and FedEx truck were caught on video speeding and cutting each other off in an apparent case of road rage. 

Stephen O'Connor recorded the incident on his phone Wednesday afternoon and posted the video on Facebook. The video quickly went viral and has been shared thousands of times.

In the video, it looks like both drivers are trying to get ahead and cut the other one off while driving down Airport Road.

"I originally [saw] it back there about a mile when the bus made several attempts to put his wheels over that line,” O’Connor tells News 12 New Jersey. “He was looking like he had to go somewhere in a hurry.”

The bus then drives onto the wrong side of the road in an attempt to pass the truck. The FedEx driver then blocks the school bus by also driving into the opposite lane.

The bus is owned by Jay’s Bus Service, a company based out of Ocean County. The company operates school buses for many school districts in New Jersey. No children were on the bus at the time of the incident.

A spokesperson for the bus company says the driver of the bus has been fired.

A FedEx spokesperson says that the company takes safety seriously and is looking into the matter.

Lakewood police say they have a copy of the video and the traffic safety unit is investigating. No charges have been filed against either driver, but police say that may change.