SAYREVILLE - High School football has returned to Sayreville nearly one year after a hazing scandal forced the school superintendent to cancel the 2014 season and the return comes with a victory.

New head coach Chris Beagan has been preparing his players for the day for the last few months, telling them that they need to move forward and let go of the past.

The first home game started at around 7 p.m. Friday, against Edison's JP Stevens High School. The stands were packed with the parents, students and supporters of the team.

All the anticipation and hard work in preparation for the game paid off. Sayreville beat JP Stevens 37 to 7.

In October 2014, seven Sayreville War Memorial High School football players were arrested and accused of hazing and sexually assaulting four of their younger teammates. Sayreville Schools Superintendent Dr. Richard Labbe canceled the remainder of the season.

Head coach George Najjar was fired a few months later. Beagan, former head coach at Monroe High School and a Sayreville alum, was hired to replace Najjar.

Six of the seven players arrested were sentenced to probation and community service last month for their involvement in the assaults. The seventh player is still awaiting trial.

Because of their ages, none of the players arrested have been identified.