MANASQUAN - There's a lot of frustration and confusion among Hurricane Sandy victims who want to rebuild.

FEMA has not released a final answer on elevation requirements, leaving anxious homeowners unable to rebuild with the assurance that they're building to the right height. 

"Right now everybody does seem like they're in limbo, nobody knows what to do," according to Nancy Griffith, a Manasquan homeowner. Nancy and her husband Ted are not even sure if their property has been reclassified as part of FEMA's new flood zone. 

Ted tells News 12 New Jersey that some of his neighbors couldn't wait for the federal regulations on elevation to be released. He says "I think some people are just going ahead and rebuilding higher up the street here."

In the event that those rebuilt homes aren't high enough when FEMA does make a final ruling on height requirements, it could be tough for those homes to get insurance.

For homeowners anxious to regain some sense of normalcy, waiting around for regulations simply isn't an option.