MOONACHIE - For residents hardest hit by Sandy, the holidays will be different this year.

Many Sandy victims, some still waiting on insurance money, still plan to keep the holidays as normal as possible despite their losses.

One Moonachie family says they're able to make Christmas possible this year through the generosity of others. The family has received gift cards from Shop Rite and Lowes, and says they'll use them to buy food, a tree and holiday decorations.

Another resident tells News 12 New Jersey that floodwaters from Sandy filled his basement, destroying more than $1,000 worth of holiday decorations. Despite having to shell out another $9,000 for a new furnace, he says his family is all right and that is all that matters.

Moonachie is urging residents to fill out a survey on the town's website, asking them to list the items they still need, including clothing, toys and household items.

The survey is due by Friday