TRENTON - New Jersey could soon have a state candy thanks to a group of fifth-graders from Sayreville. 

A state Assembly committee approved a bill Thursday that would make salt water taffy the official state treat.

The students from Samsel Upper Elementary School joined their local assemblyman in testifying before the panel in Trenton.

"The state is in the process of rebuilding our Jersey Shore and boardwalk," said student Tyler Graham. "Wouldn't it be nice to give the citizens of our state a reason to come to the shore and purchase the official candy of New Jersey?"

The proposal was part of a class lesson on how laws are made.

According to South Jersey legend, salt water taffy was created when sea water from a storm damaged the taffy supply of an Atlantic City candy maker in the late 19th century.  The mixture ended up being a hit with customers.

The bill now goes to the full Assembly.