ORTLEY BEACH - An Ortley Beach chapel swept away during Superstorm Sandy will finally be rebuilt.

The new pilings for Saint Elisabeth’s Chapel-By-The-Sea were put into place now that insurance money has finally been procured 3 1/2 years after the storm.

Dennis Bellars, a senior member at St. Elisabeth's, says that the chapel was originally build in 1885. It will be elevated several feet and will be three times its former size.

“God's always been good to us.  He surprised us by taking away the chapel, but a couple months before [the storm] we were wondering how to enlarge it.  He solved that problem for us,” says Bellars.

Several items from the chapel that were found scattered around Ortley Beach and the bay after the storm will have special places inside the new chapel. These items include a bishop’s chair, kneeling bench and stained glass window that miraculously was not broken during the storm.

Services will continue in the meeting room next door while the new chapel is being built. The project will cost $1.2 million. Parishioners are trying to raise 15 percent of the cost through a series of fundraisers.