JERSEY CITY - A private Jersey City High School known for its legendary basketball program is in danger of shutting its doors due to a lack of funds.

Saint Anthony’s High School needs more than $10 million to stay open after this school year.

The face of the school is Basketball Hall of Fame coach Bob Hurley. He is the school’s president and also the high school basketball coach. Hurley says he broke the news to the students and faculty today.

Hurley says that this was not a shock. He told News 12 New Jersey a few months ago that the school was in danger. He says he blames donor fatigue and a rise in charter schools.

Hurley says the school is now considering things that it has tried to avoid in the past, such as raising tuition or laying off some staff.

The school will have to figure out how to raise funds by January. A fundraiser is scheduled for next week to celebrate Hurley’s 50th anniversary at the school.