NEW BRUNSWICK - Students at New Jersey's largest university may soon be paying more out of pocket to learn.

Officials at Rutgers will discuss a possible 2.4 percent tuition increase at a meeting scheduled to be held Thursday. A spokesperson for the university says that while tuition is on the agenda for the meeting, nothing will be final until the board takes action.

If the increase is approved, it would mean an increase of more than $331 for commuting students and more than $613 for on-campus students.

The news of a possible increase in tuition is not sitting well with some students. Junior Shubhra Gauba says she pays for her schooling on her own.

"Kids are only allowed to take up to a certain amount of loans so eventually I would have to take a private loan which could have a 15 to 20 percent interest rate," she says.

Sophomore Jordan Cohen says while he understands that tuition hikes are a reality, he can't understand why the state isn't doing more to help out.

"Rutgers' full title is Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.  And the fact that New Jersey is basically ignoring its responsibility, is really kind of saddening," says Cohen.

Officials at Thursday's meeting are also set to discuss a 1.9 percent campus fee increase as well.