NEW BRUNSWICK - Students at Rutgers' New Brunswick campus are still reacting to their school's basketball scandal, but some admit they're ready to move forward.

Some believe the university has caved in to national media pressure by terminating former coach Mike Rice and accepting the resignation of athletic director Tim Pernetti. Other students say President Robert Barchi has not been responsive enough to the scandal, and should be held responsible.

Meanwhile, many athletes are coming out in support of Pernetti. They say they believe Pernetti was a casualty of an unfair situation, and should have been able to keep his job.

"He was trying to help him to give him a second chance and he was a good basketball coach for Rutgers," said former Rutgers football player Eric Le Grand, on Pernetti's approach to Mike Rice. "He believed he was the best fit for them at that moment, so he kept him on."