NEW BRUNSWICK - Students at Rutgers University gathered Monday to watch presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in their first one-on-one debate.

The students gathered at the Eagleton Institute of Politics for a watch party they called 'popcorn and politics.' The viewing was hosted by the Youth Political Participation Program and RU Voting group.

The organizations want students to register to vote, get informed and get to the polls. One program director said many of the students have yet to vote in a presidential election.

Some students liked that the economy and jobs were focused on during the debate. Others felt there was a lot of bickering. 

"So far I've learned a lot and my views changed a little bit," said Tommy Quinn, a junior at Rutgers.

Professor Elizabeth Matto, who runs the Youth Political Participation Program, said students really paid attention to the debate, which is important because there are 49 million eligible voters in the 18-29 demographic.