NEW BRUNSWICK - A 19-year-old Rutgers student says she was attacked and beaten without cause as she walked home from a party.

Zoe Lyle and her father say they are speaking out so that others can avoid the same scary situation from happening to anyone else. 

Lyle, a sophomore math major, says she was walking with her friend along George Street early Sunday when she noticed a rowdy crowd gathered outside Hotoke restaurant. They saw there were arguments going on and decided to walk into the street to avoid confrontation.

That's when she says one of the men came after her, hitting her in the eye and knocking her to the ground. Once she fell, she says he continued to hit her in the head and face.

Lyle says she wants to remind her fellow students that Rutgers is part of a larger community, and anything can happen. "I think people should be really careful, especially going off campus," she says.

"I just want Rutgers students to know," she says, "no matter who you need to find, you should probably come home with someone and be aware of what's going on."

Lyle and her father say they don't blame campus security or New Brunswick police, but do think more has to be done to protect students. 

Wayne Lyle wants fellow parents to be aware of the dangers. "There are people like this roaming the streets - with nothing better to do than start trouble. "

Police say they are investigating, but have not released any information on possible suspects in the attack.