NEW BRUNSWICK - A student reporter at Rutgers University has landed an interview with President Barack Obama.

Sophomore Dan Corey is the editor of the Daily Targum, Rutgers’ student newspaper. Corey attended a college reporter's conference in the White House briefing room last month when the president made a surprise visit.

Corey was called on to ask the first question and asked if Mr. Obama would sit down for an interview when he comes to Rutgers to give his commencement address. To Corey’s surprise, the president agreed.

“I am favorably disposed towards giving a little bit of time,” the president said.

Since then, Corey has been in communication with the White House and says a brief interview is now scheduled.

"It's just quite literally surreal. But I'm very very very happy that he was able to give us some of his time,” Corey says.

Corey also says that he has been working on what questions he is going to ask, as well as getting input from the Daily Targum staff.

"I wanted to share with everybody here because it is their newspaper, we wanted to share the experience with everyone,” says Corey.

President Obama will give his commencement address Sunday.