PISCATAWAY - Rutgers University head football coach Kyle Flood and the school's football program are under fire to begin the 2015 season.

Before Saturday's opening game against Norfolk State University, officials said that five players who were arrested and suspended for the game have now been kicked off the team.

Officials say the charges against the players that stem from home invasions and assaults date back to April.

Flood said he agreed with the university president calling the players' actions "abhorrent and unacceptable," but did not give any details about the events leading up to the arrests.  

"I can't comment on what is an ongoing investigation," he said. "I think those questions, if you want to refer them to the New Brunswick Police Department, I think that's where they probably should go."

Flood said that believes he has the support of the Rutgers University administration.

When asked if he would allow the players to rejoin the team if they were found innocent, Flood responded by saying that he will let the legal process play out.