NEWARK - Rutgers president Robert Barchi faced some tough questions today during a town hall meeting at the university's Newark campus.

Monday's town hall was scheduled to discuss the merger and reorganization of Rutgers with the state's University of Medicine and Dentistry. While most of the participants did ask about the subject at hand, the scandal surrounding ex-coach Mike Rice was also on their minds.

The university announced today that it is commissioning an independent investigation of the conduct of former men's basketball coach Mike Rice and the way the school handled the situation. Rice was fired last week after a video that showed him pushing and kicking players and spewing gay slurs at them during practices between 2010 and last year was released.

The school's athletic director, top in-house lawyer and an assistant coach also resigned.

Barchi announced that Rutgers is reviewing practice videos from all university sports. He is asking for any instances of bullying or homophobic language to be immediately reported.

The merger proposal is expected to cost up to $75 million. Some faculty members say research money and resources will be funneled to the campus in New Brunswick.

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