NEW BRUNSWICK - Rutgers President Robert Barchi found himself answering many questions today about when he saw the now-infamous basketball practice video and what he did about it.

Barchi also apologized to the community after athletic director Tim Pernetti resigned today, the latest casualty of the fallout surrounding the video that shows former coach Mike Rice shoving players and using gay slurs.

In his letter of resignation, Pernetti said university officials persuaded him not to fire Rice when he saw the video in December. The Rutgers administration decided only to fine and suspend Rice for three games.

"I apologize to any student athletes on the team who may have been personally harmed," Barchi said. "The kind of chronic and pervasively abusive behavior demonstrated on that video is unacceptable and does not represent the high standards of leadership and accountability we strive for within the Rutgers athletic program."

After the outrage surrounding the video, which was shown on ESPN, Rice was terminated by the university.

Outside his Oakland home, Pernetti told reporters, "it's a sad day for a lot people including me and my family and I always have and will no matter what want what's best for Rutgers."

Barchi said his future at the university is up to the school's board.