NEWARK - Officials evacuated dorms on the Rutgers-Newark campus today for the second time in 24 hours while the FBI searched for potentially hazardous substances following a student's arrest. Authorities say they found the explosive materials they were searching for.

Last night, students from University Square, Woodward Hall and Talbott Hall were evacuated. University Square students were evacuated again today. Rutgers Chief of Police Michael Lattimone says, "We don't think there was any immediate danger to the students and we wanted to make sure that we kept them out of harm's way."

Rutgers-Newark spokeswoman Helen Paxton says police arrested sophomore Elan Haba, of North Caldwell, last night. The 19-year-old faces charges including theft and possession of fireworks and a prohibited weapon.

Haba's arrest came after The University of South Dakota alerted New Jersey authorities that one of their students with an alleged connection to Haba had been found with suspicious materials.

At a press conference earlier today, authorities wouldn't reveal what the explosive materials were or whether Haba had plans to use them.

Authorities say Haba cooperated up to a point, then got an attorney and stopped talking.