NEW BRUNSWICK - Neighbors near Rutgers University are fighting plans to put up an apartment building that they say will ruin their historic street.

Many of the homes on Mine Street are more than a century old. Residents believe a proposed modern apartment building in the middle of the block will destroy life as they know it.

Nancy Beardslee is a lifelong New Brunswick resident. She loves her neighborhood and is fighting to keep the new apartment building out. "It's a bad idea," she says. "It's a narrow street, traffic is bad now."

The building will house more than 50 apartment units. Jennifer O'Neill says the proposed building would tower over her historic home, which would be right next door.

"My house stands at 30 feet and this building would be an average of 40 feet," she says. "And it would run the entire depth of my yard as well." 

Residents believe most of the apartments will be rented by students. They say traffic during the school year is already bad, and this will make it unbearable.

"The long-term residents here are going to be disproportionately affected," says David Little, a Rutgers student who already lives on the block. "But I think they're the ones who should really have the say because they've made this city their home."

Neighbors say they are pleased that three vacant houses would be torn down as part of the construction, but want something similar in size in their place.

The New Brunswick Development Authority, which owns the properties, has not responded to News 12 New Jersey's request for comment.