NEW BRUNSWICK - New construction on the Rutgers campus in New Brunswick forced the school to move its popular "grease trucks" from their long-standing College Avenue lot.

Those trucks are now scattered around campus.

Ahmed Ewida, who works for Jimmy's Lunch Truck, says the new location has been hard on business, since his customers aren't sure where to find the truck.

For years, the trucks had all been serving from the same lot off College Avenue, but they were forced out of the space over the summer to various other locations.

Some say it's better to have the food options spread throughout campus.

"I think it's good to have them spread out," says professor of military science Lt. Col. Sam Welch. "More opportunities to get lunch at various locations."

Many students say they miss the camaraderie of having all their grease in one spot.

"It was a place everyone would hang out, have a good time," says sophomore David Shah. "It was a meet up place. Now it's all spread apart, not as popular."

Ewida says the biggest drop off in business has been from people from out of town, who used to be able to drive and park in the lot.