NEW BRUNSWICK - Rutgers University says the school is coming up with contingency plans for final online exams as  Internet problems continue into the fifth day.

A “denial of services” cyberattack earlier this week took down the university’s Internet network, leaving students and staff unable to get online.

“It keeps ruining people's lives because I keep trying to get on the Internet and it won't even let you get on,” says student Carli Mink.

As the week progressed, students began to worry about signing up for classes next semester and the upcoming finals.

In a memo to faculty obtained by News 12 New Jersey, Chancellor Richard Edwards warns professors, "If you choose not to give a traditional bluebook exam or alternative assignment, you can give final grades based on the work that has been done to date. If a student is not satisfied with that result, the student should have two options: the student can receive a pass/fail grade or take an 'incomplete' and take the exam when it becomes feasible to do so."

Some students at Rutgers say they’ve created a list of businesses near campus that offer free WiFi not connected to Rutgers’ servers.

The FBI is now assisting the university's investigation into the source of the cyberattacks. This is the second cyberattack to hit the university since April.