PISCATAWAY - A football coach at Rutgers University is accused of bullying a student athlete who left the team earlier this month.

According to reports, defensive coordinator Dave Cohen called freshman cornerback Jevon Tyree derogatory names during a study hall session. Tyree claims that the incident led directly to a lack of playing time on the field.

Rutgers officials say the incident was dealt with immediately and that Cohen apologized. An official response from the university says that Athletic Director Julie Hermann spoke with Tyree’s father and confirmed that the situation was dealt with to their satisfaction.

The university says Tyree voluntarily left the football program Nov. 6.

Tyree’s father hopes the university will take disciplinary action against Cohen, reports say.

Rutgers fans tailgating before today’s game against Cinnicinati had little sympathy for the defensive back.

“Football is different from any other sport,” said Mike DiCicco. “You have to be a man to play it and if you can't take it, then don't play."

The latest bullying accusation comes on the heels of a scandal involving former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, who was caught on video rifling basketballs at his players’ heads while being verbally abusive during practices.

He was fired by athletic director Tim Pernetti, who then resigned.