NEW BRUNSWICK - Students at Rutgers University will soon have to pay a little more to attend the school.

The university's Board of Governors approved raising tuition and fees 2.3 percent at a meeting held Thursday afternoon.

The board says that the increases are "modest, but necessary" in the face of increasing costs and decreasing operating money from the state.

A student group says that the tuition hikes are "particularly unjustified and blatantly unnecessary" in light of increased revenue. Students had called for a tuition freeze.

In-state students currently pay $10,954 in tuition at Rutgers' school of arts and sciences. That will increase to $11,217 in the upcoming school year.

The board also approved a 3.2 percent increase in student financial aid, allowing more money to go to students in need.

The new tuitions go into effect for the fall semester.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.