TRENTON - Roxbury Township residents rallied in Trenton Tuesday to demand that the state remove tons of waste that has made them and their kids sick.

The residents staged a protest outside of the Department of Environmental Protection, where they recently paid for a large billboard.

As part of what was a supposed to be an environmental cleanup, the state allowed a developer to dump tons of new waste on top of an old closed landfill, causing dangerous fumes.

"It's a travesty what happened to the people of Roxbury because of the Gov. Christie administation," says Bob Schultz, of the Roxbury Environmental Action Coalition. "So we're here to protest them to show that we will not put up with what has gone on here and we will continue to fight this."

Last year, Kane In Your Corner exposed the Fenimore fumes in a series of investigations.

The reports led to a new state law, which allowed the state to take over cleanup operations.

The state is now working to cap the landfill to prevent the fumes, but many residents say that's not enough and want the waste physically removed.