ROXBURY - Groups critical of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) gathered at the Fenimore Landfill today to urge the state to reconsider its decision to cap the landfill.

Since the state took over the property last summer, residents have been asking the state to truck away debris that was making them and their kids sick.

The DEP says it has studied the situation carefully and believes capping the site is the best option. Work to level and cap the site is already underway.

The state took over the Fenimore Landfill last summer after a Kane In Your Corner investigation revealed serious problems with a development project there. 

Among them, according to Kane In Your Corner: the developer was a convicted felon who should not have been given the contract by the NJDEP; the developer owned neither the landfill property nor the company doing the work, but signed agreements stating he did; and Roxbury approved new homes to be built right next to the improperly closed landfill while apparently making minimal disclosure to home buyers about the potential environmental hazards.