ROXBURY TOWNSHIP - An independent study looking into closure options for the controversial Fenimore landfill was posted on Roxbury Township's website Wednesday, and neighbors of the stinky site are reacting.

Those who have had the opportunity to read the 127-page report say it doesn't actually make any recommendations because the consultants lacked enough information to do so.

At a town hall in Fairfield Wednesday, Gov. Chris Christie defended the first option - closing and capping the site in an "environmentally safe and effective way." 

Kendall Warsaw and others living near the landfill say the state should not be capping the site without knowing what's buried there first. They went to court to demand soil samples but were denied. "Show me the facts that you can back that there won't be any long term issues."

Mirna Hernandez agrees. "I don't think any appropriate action can be taken without having that information."

Gov. Christie contends that digging up the landfill, removing the debris, and dumping it elsewhere, will be an environmental disaster. "What do you think will happen with the gasses that will be emitted from there and all of the other damage that will be done?" he says. "You will be evacuating not just Roxbury, you'll be evacuating town after town after town in the area."

Residents say hydrogen sulfide emissions from the landfill, which smell like rotten eggs, have impacted their health and their quality of life. They're also worried about the potential long term issues from the ground water.

The homeowners will meet next week to go over the report with their elected officials, but some are already organizing a protest.