BELMAR - Something stinks in Belmar, and it's worrying some of the town's beachgoers.

The rotten egg odor was first reported Saturday and lasted until Sunday. The smell had gone away by Monday, but residents say it got worse by Tuesday.

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty says that the town is not really sure what is causing the smell.  Some believe the smell is coming from the Army Corp of Engineers dredging the Shark River Inlet, which feeds into the ocean. They believe the dredging could be exposing decomposed plants and other materials.

Mayor Doherty says no broken sewer pipes, dead animals or garbage have been detected either. He says it could just be natural plants or other such items exposed during low tide and baking in the sun. New Jersey has experienced eight days in a row of above 90 degree temperatures.

Belmar officials say the ocean water has been tested and samples have come back clean, meaning it is safe to swim.