SOUTH ORANGE - Police say they have arrested two young suspects who they believe were playing the "knockout" game as they attacked total strangers on the streets of South Orange.

The pair struck three times in just 45 minutes, punching out total strangers on the night of Nov 16.

One victim was a Seton Hall student who was attacked near the campus.

Chief James Chelel says detectives used a single tip and social media to track down the suspects.

Romaine McKenzie, 18, of Irvington was arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated assault. A 17-year-old from Newark, described as an accomplice, turned himself into police Thursday.

Videos of the so-called game show unsuspecting victims falling to the ground after taking vicious punches that come out of nowhere.

In September, a Hoboken man was killed in a suspected "knockout" attack. There were three juveniles charged with his murder.

None of the South Orange victims were knocked unconscious, but the chief says one man suffered a concussion. "It's a cowardly act and they can play it all they want in jail," he says.

Police are hoping the quick arrests will send a message that "knockout" is not a game, but a crime.