THE BRONX - The New York Rollin’ Knicks are now practicing in the Bronx after a recent setback at their facility in Queens.

The city’s Parks Department secured space for the team at the West Bronx Recreational Center after their normal facility in Queens suffered a warped floor.

The Rollin' Knicks are one of several teams in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association sponsored by an NBA team. They have been competing since 1998.

For team center Edwin Lopez, practicing in the Bronx is a homecoming. He used to live on 161st Street and has been playing wheelchair basketball for 24 years.

"I became disabled in the United States Navy, lost my leg on an aircraft carrier,” said Lopez. “You really can't express the level of comfort you receive once you meet folks that have the same disability."

The team's coach says the season usually has around 25 games.