ELIZABETH - The Bayway Circle on Routes 1 & 9 in Elizabeth remain partially closed tonight after a car crashed into a tanker filled with fuel last night.

Authorities say the unidentified driver of the car was killed in the explosion.

Police say there was 8,500 gallons of fuel in the truck when the car crashed into it. Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage says cameras captured the car that hit the tanker moving at a very high speed.

According to police, the explosion was so intense that flames shot 100 feet into the air, causing a nearby stop light to melt.

The only identifiable evidence so far is the car's license plate, which is registered to a Newark resident.

Police say the truck driver was able to escape his vehicle before the explosion and was unharmed.

Crews repaved the damaged section of the road and are on scene finishing utility work. The damaged truck and car have been removed. Southbound lanes are now fully open.

The sewer system is being monitored for any gas that may have leaked into drains.