SEA BRIGHT - Flooding on some New Jersey roadways has receded, but the worst isn't over yet, since heavy rain continues to fall over much of the state.

In Sea Bright, several streets flooded during high tide, and cars were forced to turn around and find alternate routes.

Along the ocean roads, whipping winds carried sand over the rock wall. Crews worked to remove sand that piled up so traffic could pass through.

On the shore, just replenished after Superstorm Sandy,  the sea is eroding the beach.  The storm ate away so much of the sand that a four-foot cliff can be seen in some parts of Monmouth Beach.

Residents are keeping an eye on unusually high surf, streams and rivers that are at risk of flooding.

Those who live in the areas prone to flooding are urged to move their cars to higher ground.

As much as 3 inches of total rainfall is possible by Thursday morning.